You have big Facebook page? Use it to make money on Fiverr

You have big Facebook page? Use it to make money on Fiverr

-         -  Promote books on your page – They don’t even have to be in your niche
-        -  Manipulate reviews
-        -   Amazon Review Commenting

-        -   Offer guest blogging. Put a gig to get people to pay you to post their post on your blog or/and social media page. Here

Top 5 Huge Money Maker Gig

Top 5 Huge Money Maker Gig

-          1- Proofreading. If you are good at writing and are an ace at grammar, spelling and punctuation you can be very successful on Fiverr. Help authors publish quality books.

 2-  Writing reviews. The most lucrative gig I ever had was to reviews, avoid mentioning kindle books on Amazon. You can write 2 kinds of reviews, the first one is the ‘Verified’ review and the second is ‘Unverified’ review. A review is verified when you have purchased the product you are reviewing. - Unfortunately my gig was deleted because writing Amazon reviews is against Fiverr T&C, so make sure your gig is allowed. On This Page Here.

-         3- Social Media Manager. Manage people social media network such as Facebook pages, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

-          4- Mass Social Media Posting. Especially lucrative if you have a large social media network, you can post any message on behalf of your buyer on your social media pages or groups. The more popular your social media pages are the more money you will get.

-          5- each. Sell tutorial and how-to ebooks or deliver courses via Skype

Top 5 mistakes to avoid when using fiverr

Top 5 mistakes to avoid when using fiverr

1- Being disorganised
How long does it take you to finish a gig, do you need corrections, how often are you in touch with the buyer?
When do you do the work? How do you keep track of your orders?

2- Not having a goal
How much do you want to make.

3- Not promoting your gig enough
Use social media, have a Facebook page, get reviews, join Facebook groups

4- Not using the ‘Gig requests’, visit gig page  HERE!
Fiverr offers a page dedicated to gig requests, so if you need something specific you can
request it there and if you are looking for work, you can always browse that category and pick the gigs you are able to do.

5- Not responding to email.

Fiverr is very strict on whether or not you are responding to emails. The longer you leave it the more they penalise you but not showing your profile or gigs at the top.

Top 5 ways to be successful on fiverr

Top 5 ways to be successful on fiverr

-          1- Have a unique idea. Unique ideas make for great sales and excellent money on Fiverr

-         2- Create a professional video to present yourself. People like to see the person they are working with.

-           3- Build a reputation by getting great reviews The more reviews you have the more orders you will get.
Nobody will order your gig if you don’t at least have 2 – 3 reviews.
      4- Deliver your orders on time. Delivering an order late will affect your ranking and your ability to get new clients.
      5- Upsell. You can make up to $500 per gig. Find some good gig extras, these gig extras are where the money is. If you can deliver your gig in just a couple of hours, use it to make extra money and offer that as an extra.

If you have any difficulty contact Fiverr customer service team, they are excellent and always happy to help.

Boost Your Gig and Business on Fiverr

This gig first appeared on Fiverr

If you are new at fiverr and are confident your gig is good, then contact her. She will try your gig out and write an honest review for it.

This is not a quick fix, she provides real reviews so be prepared to do the work. She will review anything on any platform with screenshots if allowed.

Everyone has a talent they can use to make money on fiverr. Get an account and start making money Here!

Get A Personalised Harrods Christmas Card.

Get a personalised Christmas card from Harrods, sent to anyone, anywhere from Fiverr (Global).

Want to impress or suprise your friends and family.

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How to Dominate Fiverr

How to Dominate Fiverr


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